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The Union

The Union is always on the side of seafarers

The most important task of the Finnish Seafarers´ Union is to promote the interests and defend the rights of seafarers. Our activities start with our members and are based on justice and equality, through vigorous negotiations.

Our long experience in the sector of maritime and inland water transportation guarantees developed and specialised collective bargaining for our members.

The Union also helps its members in difficult situations in working life.

The members of the Union work in
  • Passenger vessels
  • Cargo vessels
  • Tankers
  • Ice-breakers
  • Log-floating tugboats
  • Push barges
  • Ferries going between the archipelago
  • Small inland ferries etc.
The professional spectrum of the Union’s members is wide
  • Ratings working on deck and in the engine room
  • Kitchen personnel
  • Shop sales personnel
  • Musicians
  • Fairway services
  • Harbour supervisors
  • Terminal personnel
  • Harbour cleaners etc.                 


Members of the Union represent over 50 different professions.

43 per cent of the membership are women and 57 per cent are men