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Membership service
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Membership fee


In 2023, the membership fee of the Finnish Seafarers´ Union is in total 1.55 per cent of gross salary.

Part of the union’s share is refunded to the local trade union branch for their activities and part is used for financing the collective bargaining operations.


If you are a student you do not have to pay the membership fee during your study time. However, if you work during your study time, the membership fee will be deducted from your taxable earned income. Read more about student membership and the benefits acquired from the youth and student homepage.

Exemption from the membership fee

A member is exempt from the membership fee if s/he does not earn income due to the fact,

1) that s/he is serving in the military forces,
2) that s/he is unable to work because of a sickness or accident,
3) that s/he is on maternity-, paternity or child care leave,
4) that s/he is on student leave or
5) that s/he is studying to be a seafarer. 

The Executive Committee of the Finnish Seafarers´ Union can exempt a member from paying the membership fee for some other corresponding reason, if the member does not have any earned income.