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Union Congress in Helsinki in May

The 24th Congress of the Finnish Seamen’s Union was hold on the 10th and the 11th
of May 2016 in Helsinki.

The Union Congress is the highest decision-making body of the Union. The Congress chooses the members of the Executive Committee and the General Council.

The 2016 Congress elected Simo Zitting to continue as President of the Union.

The membership of the Finnish Seafarers’ Union FSU elects delegates from amongst the members for the Union Congress, which convenes every fourth year. In 2016 Union Congress there were 38 elected delegates.

The delegates are elected by the members voting in an election. Each local trade union branch forms its own electoral district.

The Union Congress determines the general policy of the Union for the next four years. During the Congress, decisions are also made about the rules of the Union and about initiatives put forward by local trade union branches or individual members.